Why you should do an Escape Room in your next family gathering?

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Quick! What are your big plans for Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe make a turkey, eat some food, ignore an awkward conversation with uncle Frank, and fall asleep during the Dallas Cowboys Game? How totally boring!

If you’re looking for different things to do with your family on Thanksgiving, why not try one of our exclusive escape rooms for an exciting change of pace. An escape room offer is perfect for family groups, especially for those who’ve never been to NYC before. These escape rooms can’t be found anywhere else and few places around the country have fully immersive VR arcades. Escape Virtuality has three unique and thrilling rooms to choose from and so much more!

Thanksgiving is all about family fun!

Family get-togethers don’t have to be a stock affair, where people sit around wishing they were doing something else. Nothing brings the family together like fun and exciting activities and games that they can engage in together.

Does your family have a lot of kids? Perfect!

You won’t have to worry about the kids getting into trouble this year. In addition to our Immersive escape rooms, we have a one of a kind VR Escape Room, multiple VR experiences and a variety of unique games from shooters, racers, and thrilling adventure sims. If you struggle to find fun things to do with your kids, why not bring them to Escape Virtuality for this Thanksgiving and create memories that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

We offer fun for all ages. Whether your kid is four our you’re a kid at heart going on 40. You’ll have plenty to choose from among the best escape rooms for any family in NYC.

The perfect bonding in the spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about bringing people together, overcoming differences, and geography to celebrate what they’re most grateful for. But sometimes things get lost in travel and tradition and too often visiting family comes to be an obligation that’s as exciting as washing the laundry. It shouldn’t be this way.

Quick! Do you know who in your family is the multi-tasker? Who is the patient one? And who is the panicky one who keeps checking the time?

If you aren’t sure it might be time to find out. Let your family experience one of our escape rooms! Ghost collector is a haunting, chilling experience that’ll have the hair sticking up on everyone’s neck. Or why not try Runaway Subway Train? A realistic simulation of a train that can’t slowdown that provides an opportunity for learning how to work together to solve puzzles.

Try our escape room team building adventures. You’ll understand the strengths of different members of your family and get to know them better. Best of all you’re creating fond memories together, you’ll have new stories to tell and your family will be wondering all year what the next adventure is going to be.

Have a vacation in a vacation

One of the best things about virtual reality is the ability to simulate new worlds, adventures, and experiences without leaving New York City. Want to experience thrilling rollercoasters or feel like you’re really in the Daytona 500? Our VR experiences have that!

But our Immersive Escape Rooms and VR Escape Room shatter the bonds of reality. They can simulate a runaway subway train, a thrilling haunting, and a battle to control the galaxy. It’s all about working as a team in an escape room! You’ll solve complex puzzles in a real-time strategy game.

Plan your family get together in one of our escape rooms or try all of them. We have flexible hours! You can plan a potluck and you and your guests can bring in your own food? No problem! We’ve got plenty of space and plenty of rooms that can accommodate the largest families.

You can plan your VR vacation before everyone sits down to eat. Enjoy a wonderful meal together in the festive holiday spirit and jump to the next adventure.

Incredible Holiday Parties

Holidays are about family and we’d like to help you bring everyone together in fun and spirit.

At Escape Virtuality, we can host any holiday party. We provide the perfect place to visit on Christmas, Hanukkah, Independence Day and Halloween. We can even help you host your birthday, anniversary, and bar/bat mitzvah.

If you need help planning a party or holiday event, check out our tips for planning the perfect event. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan an Escape Room Holiday Party. We have plenty of space, but it is going fast. Reserve your space now.

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