Ways to Enjoy New York’s Largest Virtual Reality Space

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Escape Virtuality

Walk the Plank

Did you know that, in addition to hosting New York City’s largest selection of VR and escape room experiences, Escape Virtuality also has the biggest free roam space in the city?

Come see for yourself! Our ground floor, home of the VR experiences, has a huge space for roaming around to explore your virtual surroundings. Here are three examples of games you can play in this space:

Are you brave enough to walk a plank…..80 stories above ground? If you’re even braver, play in Nightmare Mode.

Ride the Raft

In The Raft, you are a hillbilly in a raft defending your boat from aliens! Roam around, pick up different tools and weapons, and keep your raft afloat!

Slay the King

Goblin Quest. The Goblin King has imprisoned you, and you must work together with your allies to escape his wrath. You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm of Virea in your quest to rise up against the king.

Regardless of what you play, the space is yours to explore! Use it well. For more ways to play and information on how to book your time, visit our homepage at www.escapevirtuality.com

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