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Did you know you can improve your skills through virtual reality & escape rooms? VR may seem like only escapist recreation but there are also unique skills that you can improve upon in each of the activities we offer. I can hear you asking ‘How can this be? Isn’t this just a game?’

For the uninitiated, our Escape rooms are rooms that are completely enclosed, and the motion, movement, and stimulations feel very real. For example, Runaway Subway Train is designed like an actual subway car. The subway car moves, technology is used to simulate the motion, and everything within the car is interactive. You’ll feel like you’re actually there!

Sharpen your problem-solving skills

In the Runaway Subway Train at Escape Virtuality you are given this scenario – your regular commuter train has lost control and will crash within an hour. How will you react? How will you solve complex problems and stay calm when the clock is ticking against you? This is a scenario that can be won and completed successfully, but the answers are not always apparent, and you’ll have to think outside the box if you want to stop this train. That’s what our Escape Rooms in NYC offer. High-risk scenarios that challenge your problem-solving skills that are safely simulated in our highly immersive escape rooms.

The escape rooms found at Escape Virtuality will push your boundaries of concentration. You’ll need to work collaboratively to save the day. We hope that you never have to face a real emergency that Runaway Subway Train simulates, but the skills you learn here can be applied to many other things in your day-to-day life. Visit Manhattan’s best escape room today!

Improve your concentration skills in our escape rooms

Life likes to throw curveballs. Do you have a project with a tight deadline with many unanswered variables? Do you have a team that can’t see the picture or is bogged down by petty personal squabbles? Fixing these problems may have no easy answer, but if you’d had the chance to put your leadership and problem-solving skills in a simulated, high-risk scenario you may discover answers that you might have missed otherwise.

Team Building in New York City for large groups

Mission: Galaxy Quest offers a real competitive challenge that involves choices that’ll shape a galaxy. If you’re looking for a great team-building exercise, bring your crew to Escape Virtuality. This simulation is perfect for up to three large teams. It is truly a winner take all scenario where your team must secure strategic resources and protect your colonial assets against the other teams. It’s a grand strategy that involves cunning and intrigue. You must act and react to the decisions the other teams are making in real-time.

Each of our NYC escape rooms offers different challenges that enhance different skills. Visit us today!

Great exercise for the brain

Do you want to play a game? How about one set against the backdrop of vengeful ghosts who’ll escape, and haunt New York should you fail. The paranormal never felt so real. The Ghost Collector escape room will have the hair on your neck standing on end. You’ll feel a shiver on your spine, but you must keep your wits about you if you want a chance to solve this puzzle and save the day.

If you like games and puzzles but are looking for more than just crosswords Escape Virtuality has exciting challenges in each of our three escape rooms. Great games are evocative and require skill and challenge to win. That’s what each of our Escape Rooms offers. A challenge for your brain that is unique and takes time, effort and, energy to solve.

To win each scenario you must think quickly, pay attention to small details, maintain concentration, and take risks. If you’re in the mood for a brain bender we have three great ones to challenge your brain.

Choose from Runaway Subway Train, Mission: Galaxy Quest, and Ghost Collector. Escape Room entertainment at its finest.

Escape Room Gaming NYC

Put your skills to the test today!

Escape Room entertainment is a unique new thrill that isn’t found just anywhere. Escape Virtuality offers the best rooms in New York City. We also partner with corporations and schools to make these experiences available to anyone. We have special packages available for our corporate events and we also work with New York City schools to provide school field trips and group rates where available.

Our VR experiences are the perfect fun for all ages. If you want to brush up on your skillset or host a team-building exercise that you’ll never forget, call 212.300.1075 and plan your next VR adventure today!

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