VR & AR Experiences

Six Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

Action & Horror

Chills on your spine or adrenaline surge. Bring VR experiences to life!

Walk the Plank

Test your fear of heights as you walk a plank 80 stories high!

Kat Walk

An immersive VR experience that’ll have you running and gunning.

Racing Simulator

Bring every racing game and roller-coaster sim to life!


Experience every jump, dip, & drop with this adrenaline-pumping rig.

AR Wall

Enhanced graphics to provide the ultimate climbing experience!

Upto 4 Players Δ Supernatural Enemies Δ View Teaser ›

Most exhilarating Virtual Reality Game!

The Raft is a co-operative VR game, it will force you and your friends to work as a team to keep your raft afloat and stay safe from dangerous supernatural beings who try to attack you from all directions. Set in the south of America, you play as four hillbilly characters who can freely walk around the raft as it travels down the river. There are a variety of guns to choose from, some of which are mounted to the side of the raft and pack a heavier punch and some of which are just standard rifles. There are also two fire extinguishers, which you can use to put out any fires the aliens start on the side of the ship. You can freely switch between the guns, the mounted weapons and extinguishers, which means everyone in the game gets to try a bit of everything.

Challenging Virtual Reality Game in NYC

As your raft ventures down the river, the aliens and enemies get bigger and more threatening! The tension will grow as you’re forced to work as a team to make sure all sides of the raft are covered and any fires are quickly put out. Supernatural enemies will attack the ship from all sides, it will be up to you and your team to tackle all the different challenges and surprises that come your way!

Multi-Player Δ Futuristic Space Adventure Δ View Teaser ›

Futuristic Virtual Reality Game in Manhattan

Ring Walker is a multi-user, futuristic, interactive space adventure in virtual reality. Set in the year 2317, a time when mankind has the means to reach the planet. The experience takes you into a beautiful, thoughtful and exciting experience takes unexpected twists and turns as it inspires knowledge and awareness of our universe.

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Single Player Δ Challenge Your Fear of Heights Δ Kid Friendly

Extreme Virtual Reality Experience in New York City

You’re on a plank, 80 stories high. Knees shaky, palms sweaty. You have a choice! Do you walk or do you freeze?
Test your fear of heights as you walk a plank on a skyscraper 80 stories high and try to make it through the virtual Nightmare! Take this experience to new heights, no pun intended, with our Plank Cloning System that clones almost any real world plank into the virtual world.

Up to 4 Players Δ Single and Multi-Player Δ Kid-Friendly

State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Technology in New York

If you’re looking for a truly immersive Virtual Reality experience that’ll have you running and gunning, look no further than the Kat Walk at Escape Virtuality. The Kat Walk is an omni-directional treadmill that is ergonomically designed to allow full motion running and is perfectly balanced to prevent motion sickness.

This unique system is also designed to allow for a full, 360-degree range of movement. It also uses a state-of-the-art motion tracking algorithm that allows for zero delays in gameplay. Works in limited space and is completely safe. The Kat Walk uses a single safety harness for minimal prep time and leaves the users arms and legs completely free.

Perfect for VR Battle Royale, Arizona Sunshine, Bullet Sorrow and many more thrilling experiences!

Up to 2 players Δ Single & Multi-Player Δ Full-Motion Car Racing and Rollercoaster Simulator Δ Kid Friendly

Thrilling Virtual Reality Experience in Manhattan

Get in the driver’s seat with our complete simulator. It brings every racing game and roller-coaster sim to life. You’ll feel every bump and rumble strip in this experience. Our simulator has a realistic gear shift for those who can drive stick and realistic g-force acceleration.

The incredible immersion provides the ultimate to any racing or flight experience.

Up to 2 players Δ Single & Multi-Player Δ 30+ Experiences Δ Kid Friendly

New York City’s Most Popular Virtual Reality Experiences

Take in a 360-degree view of any simulation with our Xtrematic platform. Unleash the extreme VR sports in the way they were meant to be played. Experience every jump, every dip, every drop with this adrenaline-pumping rig and 30+ extreme experiences to choose from! Never have you had the opportunity to feel like an X-Games superstar.

These platforms can be used in one to two-player games, in solo or competition play. Easy to use, challenging to master, most games are quick and fast. Perfect for VR games such as rock-climbing, skydiving, and snowboarding. If you’ve got a heart for adventure and thrills, get on an Xtrematic now.

Check out all the 30+ experiences Xtrematic has to offer!

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Up to 2 players Δ Single & Multi-Player Δ Kid Friendly

Augmented Reality Experience at Escape Virtuality

Test your skills with our Augmented Reality Rock Climbing Wall. This unique system is perfect for all ages. It makes rock climbing fun and provides a challenge for all ages and skill levels.

Even small walls can have hundreds of unique paths providing a different experience every time you climb. You can even save and share your routes with other adventurers.

Change the game with different modes that will give you a new challenge each time. The Augmented Reality wall modes include: Augmented Problems, Astromania, Climball, Sparks, Whack-a-bat, Flash

Each mode takes advantage of enhanced graphics to provide the ultimate climbing experience. Perfect for solo or team-building exercises.

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Horror Walkthroughs

Up to 6 Players Δ Horror with Jump Scares Δ Kid Friendly

Horror Virtual Reality Experiences in New York City

Do you love things that go bump in the night? Feel the chills on your spine with our horror walkthroughs. Only virtual reality can bring these terrors to life. Test the limits of your sanity with an adventure through the Insanitarium. You’ll be questioning your very sanity at every turn.

Once you’re done with that, take an excursion through the Chatfield Penitentiary a haunted prison with the vilest creatures, that will leave your heart pounding.

Perfect for a solo trip or a group undertaking.

AI Mayhem

Up to 2 players Δ Single & Multi-Player Δ First Person Shooter

Action Based VR Experience in the Heart of Manhattan

You and your crew have somehow ended up in space! Fight through swarms of robo baddies and take down the megabot in your quest for survival.

A sci-fi shooter for quick multiplayer battle in outer space with a variety of weapons and power-ups in zero gravity. Compete with each other or with other groups in these collaborative arcade style games for score supremacy.