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Top virtual reality arcade in Manhattan, NYC

Step into Manhattan’s epicenter for gaming at Escape Virtuality, your gateway to the nation’s most exhilarating virtual reality experiences!  Immerse yourself with a variety of virtual reality games that promise to redefine the meaning of excitement.  Experience uninterrupted access to all of our thrilling game titles below with our VR game passes, offered in 1-hour, 2-hour, or All-day time segments!  Want to try a specific game?  Single experiences are available for purchase in-store. Our virtual reality floor has something for all ages and interests!  Immerse yourself virtually at Escape Virtuality and brace yourself for a journey into a world where excitement knows no bounds!

Walk the Plank

Test your fear of heights as you walk on a plank over skyscrapers,  80 stories high to try to make it through the virtual Nightmare! Take this experience to new heights, no pun intended, with our Plank Cloning System that clones almost any real-world plank into the virtual world.

360 Degree Platforms

Our 360-degree platforms allow access to some of the best game titles in virtual reality. Once strapped in, enjoy uninterrupted gaming with countless games at your fingertips to choose from. Our platforms give you more freedom in virtual reality without sacrificing your safety. Have peace of mind knowing that your safety is our top priority.

Racing Simulator

Hop in the driver’s seat with our complete racing simulator. Play Project Cards 2 in incredible detail and immersion, solo or with a friend! We have two racing simulators in the facility that will allow you to feel every bump and rumble strip on the tarmac. If you’re a huge Formula 1 fan, this simulator won’t disappoint!


Take in a 360-degree view of any simulation with our Xtrematic platform. Unleash extreme VR sports the way they were meant to be played. Experience every jump, every dip, and every drop with this adrenaline-pumping rig. The Xtrematic has 30+ extreme experiences to choose from! Never have you had the opportunity to feel like an X-Games superstar.

AR Wall

Our augmented reality climbing wall is perfect for all ages looking for a physical challenge! With multiple game modes to choose from, your party will have a great time for hours on end! Compete against your friends or race against time with game modes such as Astromania, Climball, Sparks, Whack-a-bat, and Flash!


Immerse yourself in the robotic wild west with RevolVR. On a dusty planet with sand-blasting winds, gun-making tycoons rent robot bodies to adventurous humans with hotshot ambitions in return for trying out their newly designed revolver handguns. Gunslingers of all sorts load into robotic bodies to take part in grand Frontier-like stand-offs and show off their skills and shooting styles.

Propogation vr

Combining survival horror and static wave shooting, Propagation VR will get your adrenaline pumping as you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Armed only with your guns and your fists, fight off terrifying zombies and other multi-species mutants. Will you get out alive? Play Propagation VR in solo or 2-player cooperation thanks to the Co-op mode.

elevin  Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode. Be careful to avoid massive axes thrown at you by orc warriors. Can you fend off the oncoming orc invasion or will your town fall?

Dick Wilde 2

The local lakes and ravines have been infected by a toxic outbreak! Float down the river with your friends in this co-op mode shooter.  Fend off vicious piranhas, manic moles and even a giant enemy crab with 16 different weapon options including beam guns and homeade revolvers.


Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT VR is the definitive VR FPS in which time moves only when you move. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing weapons from fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.

Job simulator

In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was like to have a JOB! Cook delicious meals as a gourmet chef, spend a day in a cubical as an office worker, manage customers at a convenience store, or fix cars as a mechanic! Job Simulator is a great slow-paced, interactive virtual reality game that you are sure to have a blast in!

Ninja Legends

Become a ninja legend by fighting off other ninjas and enemies with newfound weapons and powers! Test your skills with a variety of weapon options like katanas, Bow and arrow, sharp claws, chain darts, power staffs, and more! You and your enemies will have access to mystical techniques that give you unimaginable powers. Will you become a ninja legend?

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Explore the remote island where the greedy green pigs take their vacation in 91 fun-filled levels! Make your way up to party city through the serene “Vacation Levels” of exotic beaches, steep cliffs and snowy slopes while destroying structures in spectacular ways.

Rhythmatic 2

Rhythmatic 2 is the ultimate rhythm game experience, featuring classic slicing, punching, dodging, and power-ups set in a breathtakingly detailed new environment. Play solo or with friends in multiplayer mode and work your way up the global leaderboard. Experience a whole new library of incredible music in this critically acclaimed music game.

Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR takes squishy, satisfying gameplay and turns it into a virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Step into the Fruit Ninja universe and tackle fruit from all angles – just don’t hit the bombs! 

After The Fall: Arcade Edition

From the team that brought you Arizona Sunshine® comes an epic VR action FPS with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. Team up with friends and take on a post-apocalyptic VR world filled with ferocious undead–mutated and twisted by the relentless cold.

Sunshine 2

Sharpen your machete and load your shotgun: It’s time to say hello to your old pal, Fred. Arizona Sunshine® 2, the next-gen sequel to the fan-favorite VR apocalypse, packs even more gore-geous zombie action! Jump into Arizona Sunshine 2 to fight of hordes of the undead!

Ebullition LBVR

In a future dystopian world dominated by mega corporations, portals to other dimensions have been discovered, mysterious creatures have been found, leading to mega corporations and governments forming research organizations. You are soldiers in an elite squad formed by the organization, dedicated to enforcing their will, whatever it may be.

Arcade LA Deadzone

The west coast has fallen. An army of undead roam the streets. Your only chance of survival is to retaliate.  Fight your way through the streets of LA as zombies close in. LA Deadzone allows up to 4 players to play together at a time.  How long can you and your team hold out?

Space Pirate Trainer

Fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you would ever need as a space pirate. You better dodge some of the incoming lasers though, since just using your shields won’t get you in the top rankings. Pick up your blasters, put on your sneakers, and dance your way into the Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame.

Pistol Whip: Dark Skies

Inspired by God-mode action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip throws you gun-first into an explosive batch of hand-crafted action scenes each set to their own breakneck soundtrack. Unlike traditional music games, Pistol Whip has no line in the sand; you have complete freedom to shoot, melee, and dodge targets to the rhythm YOU see fit.

Tennis Kings VR

Test your athleticism in the all-new Tennis Kings VR game. Play against tennis players of varying difficulty with customizable tennis rackets! Tennis Kings has some of the best in-game physics of any tennis VR game ever made; you might forget you’re not on a real tennis court!

Loco Dojo

Enter the whimsical wooden world of Loco Dojo and step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your silliest skills against (up to) three friends or strangers in this hilariously competitive cross-platform multiplayer social VR party game!

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