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Corporate gatherings are too important to be left to chance. That’s why I want to take a few minutes to go over a few tips I’ve learned toward making your next corporate outing a success. Escape Virtuality is here to help corporations put together their next conferences, seminar, or fundraising event right here in New York City.

Set a clear Objective

This is the most important objective, yet it is also the one that trips most people up. Is your goal fundraising? How much money are you hoping to raise? Who are you asking for money? Who is the money for? All of these details should be very clear in the planning process and you’ll want to state many of them stated in your press release and program. If these details are unclear, you risk sabotaging your goal and not being successive as you could have been.

Whether you’re looking to do a fundraiser, corporate workshop, or team-building exercise, the goals must always be clear to the participants and the expectations set for what they will get from the event.

Establish a budget

This goal is as important as having a clear objective. Money doesn’t grow on trees and unexpected costs have a way of creeping up at this last-minute from unexpected places. When establishing a budget, I find it helpful to build from the most important, down to the little things?

First, do you have a venue? Escape Virtuality has you covered there and we will help you craft a package for your business. What about food? If your event is an all-day seminar providing food is a must. Not only does this help keep your participants on-site, but limits their costs, and helps keep them happier and more engaged. Escape Virtuality can provide you with food, or you can bring your own food. The choice is yours, but you will need to have it budgeted.

Do you need entertainment? Escape Virtuality can help you be covered there as we have the best Escape Rooms in NYC and VR experiences on site. But what if you need something more personal? Like a guest speaker, comedian, or magician? Those possibilities cost money too and you’ll need to budget for their salary and possibly travel as well.

Next, you’ll need press, social media, and invitations to the event. This can vary if the event is within your organization or open to the public. But if people don’t know about it, they won’t be there.

Beyond that, there are the little things, keepsakes, t-shirts, banners and the like. Small things but they can be critical to brand awareness and creating a sense of environment.

Lastly, you need to budget for unexpected events. Did a guest speaker cancel at the last minute? Do you need to increase space? Or completely change the program? Budgeting for the unexpected can mean the difference between success and failure for your event.

Find a venue

I alluded to this in the last section but I want to expand on it. Escape Virtuality in NYC Manhattan wants to provide you the space for your event. We have spacious areas that can accommodate your needs whether you are needing a small retreat or a large corporate seminar.
What makes Escape Virtuality unique is we offer things like our fully immersive escape rooms that are perfect for large groups, team-building exercises and allow participants to develop their competitive and collaborative skills. Our Virtual Reality platforms and escape room entertainment are things you won’t find at other banquet halls and conference centers. We provide a distinctive experience that people will talk about for years to come.

Create a detailed plan

You’ll want your participants to know what they’re in for. How long do you expect the event to last? Do you have breakout sessions? A keynote speaker? Knowing exactly how long the event will run and what time events take place is a must-have to keep the event running smoothly and to ensure everyone is where they need to be.
Print out a clear itinerary so that your event runs smoothly and provides to the participants when they register.

Plan transportation

Lastly, you’ll want to plan transportation. If all your attendees are coming from the same business, you can provide a detailed map in an email with directions. If they are coming from outside of New York City you can plan travel from the major airports or hotels.
Another key essential is to mark the location of the event using Facebook. The vast majority of people use Facebook and as long as the address of your event is clearly marked, they can use GPS to chart their course to your event.

Let Escape Virtuality host your next Corporate event

Now that you’ve got everything you need to plan your next corporate event. Call escape Virtuality at 212.300.1075. We are New York City’s first choice for Virtual Reality Entertainment, VR escape rooms and Immersive Escape Rooms. Book your event today!

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