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New Year’s Eve in New York City is lit! There is no better place on Earth to be than New York on December 31, 2019, to ring in the New Year. With the Hustle and Bustle of the holiday season winding down there is an electric feeling in the air, with the crisp, cool nights and the sidewalks glistening in the frozen snow – it’s almost spiritual.

If you’ve been meaning to get to Escape Virtuality, don’t wait a minute longer!

The Best New Year’s Eve Party in NYC is here

Every bar, restaurant, and pub in the city is going to be packed and you’re wanting to discover where the best place is for a New Year’s Party – it’s right here at Escape Virtuality. You won’t have to brave the harsh cold, crowds, and gloom of winter just to get inside.

Our VR experiences and Escape Rooms will be going all day! We also have plenty of room for you to set up for your private party. You and your guests can party throughout the day and dine from a custom menu. You can enjoy everything that Escape Virtuality has to offer and still watch the ball drop. Then, as 2020 dawns, start the year right by keeping the party going late into the morning.

We have flexible hours and are here to make sure you and your crew ring in the New Year the right way. We’re your headquarters for all NYE events in NYC.

New VR Escape Games

Discover the new and exciting VR adventures that Escape Virtuality has instore for you. We’ve got two new VR escape games, The Raft and Ringwalker.

In The Raft – You and your fellow rednecks are traversing on of the many great rivers in the deep south when, suddenly, you are attacked by vicious supernatural beings. You and up to three friends can choose from one of four unique hillbilly characters as you battle a relentless evil with varmint shooters and sci-fi weapons from the future.

But these diabolical demons are crafty. They’ll try to set fire to the raft and sink the lot of you. To stop them you’ll need to tactically deploy one of two fire extinguishers on the raft.

Or maybe space is more your jam. If so check out Ringwalker. In this space adventure, you’ll journey to the far-off year of 2137 as mankind takes to the stars. Travel around the rings of Saturn and discover all the unique beauty and wonder that the solar system has to offer. Your adventure will encounter unexpected twists and turns, but it will inspire within you a sense of awe and wonder of our incredible universe.

These new offerings are the best of December and perfect for your New Year’s party. If you’ve always wanted to visit Escape Virtuality it’s time to check it off your bucket list and visit us before the year ends. Time is ticking. Will you answer the call?

The best escape rooms in New York

Escape Virtuality has the best escape rooms of 2019 anywhere. Many places can offer an escape room experience, but none offer the thrilling complex, engaging, and frighteningly real scenarios that we offer.

You and your party can choose from three unique escape rooms including Runaway Subway Train, Mission: Galaxy Quest and Ghost Collector. Do you think you have what it takes to stop a runaway subway train before it crashes? Or battle the ultimate evil for control of the final frontier? It’s time to find out.

New Year – new beginnings

2020 promises to offer new changes, challenges, and opportunities. Escape Virtuality is offering new VR content and games. We are always upgrading and investing in the latest technology so that we can make each experience feel more real than the last. If you’ve been through our website, you know that we have a lot to offer from VR games, escape games, and escape rooms. But part of growing is changing and some of these experiences may not be around much longer.

Don’t miss your chance. You’ve always wanted to visit, and New Year’s Eve is the chance to do something you’ve never done before. Visit us today! We’re the best place to be in NYC for NYE.

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