The benefits of school field trips in New York City

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New York City is the cultural capital of the world and is filled with many destinations from the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and innumerable museums that showcase the rich history of the world.

Escape Virtuality offers students trips in NYC. We offer local school’s exclusive rates to our facility where the students can explore the world of virtual reality and Escape Rooms. In this blog, we’ll showcase the different advantages students receive from taking field trips and what they’ll learn from a visit to our facility.

Real-world learning

The science behind virtual reality allows people to unlock brand new worlds. Discover the technology of our headset visors that simulate uniquely fully immersive scenarios that include rollercoasters and adventure simulations.

But the visor and headset are just one key piece of the full VR experience. We also have full rig accessories that allow full range of motion such as our omnidirectional treadmills or the Kat Walk.

Academic Impact

Recent studies have shown that students benefit from field trips. Field trips are interactive learning experiences that provide the ability to physically interact with different mediums through in-person contact. Such contact can lead to higher test-taking skills, greater appetite for learning, and investment in their future.

A trip to Escape Virtuality can be part of your itinerary through a larger field trip visiting the attractions throughout New York City. We aim to create a memorable school trip for you and your students.

Socio-emotional growth

School trips provide the added benefit of creating empathy and tolerance as well as a discovery for new ideas. A trip outside the classroom also provides your students with the ability to interact and bond with their peers in class in ways they may not normally.

Also, school trips provide the ability to think about different concepts such as technology, history, or art from unique angles.

Access to information

A field trip to Escape Virtuality allows your students to discover the science behind the groundbreaking technology of Virtual Reality by getting to experience it firsthand. VR is a concept that has been around for decades, but only with advances in computer processing, digital storage, high definition and 4k graphics have allowed the concept to be fully realized.

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Team building

It’s not easy to find activities that foster a sense of team building for most field trips. That’s what Escape Virtuality offers that other attractions do not. Your students can experience our thrilling escape rooms that will help create a sense of camaraderie and cohesion.

Our escape rooms provide that true Escape Virtuality Experience. Choose from Ghost Collector, Runaway Train, and Mission: Galaxy Quest. Each of these rooms offers a different experience and problem-solving challenge. Mission: Galaxy Quest is perfect for large groups that will test the collaborative and competitive skills in a game that’ll determine the future of humanity.

Your students will respond to this unique challenge by fostering new friendships and learning to work together.


Our facility will encourage the development of new creative skills within any student. By participating in different VR games, VR experiences, and our escape rooms will make children think more creatively. For example, our virtual rock-climbing wall provides many paths to the top. Finding the right one requires students to use their problem-solving skills to implement a creative answer that works best for them.

Creativity is a must when visiting our escape rooms. Ghost Collector requires matching unique items to every ghost. The answers aren’t always obvious and thinking innovatively by extrapolating information based on intricate details is required to win the scenario. Make your next school field trip in New York City one your students will remember for years to come.

A one-of-a-kind experience

This mix of science, technology, and creative education that can’t be found anywhere else. Escape Virtuality provides the most exclusive escape rooms in New York. We have flexible daytime hours and can accommodate large and small groups. Call 212.300.1075 to plan your next field trip to New York City! Dani Kind

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