School Field Trips

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Field Trips in New York City

Are you still having trouble deciding where to take your students for a field trip? Why not add New York City’s most exciting entertainment complex to that list? At Escape Virtuality your students will have the opportunity not only to experience cutting edge 21st century virtual reality, but experience it for themselves in a fun, safe, and educational way.

We are the only entertainment complex that offers fun for all ages. Whether you’re planning a field trip, camp trip or just a fun and educational tour. Escape Virtuality has everything to make your visit memorable. Book your field trip today!

Camp Trips to New York

If you’re looking to take your scouts or camp troop to New York City make Escape Virtuality your destination. We’ve got an augmented virtual rock-climbing wall that is challenging and rewarding.

Your campers will compete and thrill in this completely safe yet exciting place. Our Escape Room and Virtual Reality complex offers fun for all ages. From young kids to experienced scoutmasters. Book your next adventure with us!

Educational and Fun Experiences

Want to know the secrets behind Virtual Reality Technology? Escape Virtuality offers in-depth tours that feature discussions and examinations of this cutting-edge technology. From our immersive headsets and VR platforms to our Escape Games, your kids will have the opportunity to learn and experience the best of Virtual technology.

Our center is the perfect place for a trip that blends both learning and fun that will create memories that last a lifetime.

Still not sure where to take your next class trip? Call 212.300.1075 and let us help you plan your trip to Escape Virtuality.

Group Activities

Vacations are meant to be a chance to get away, see something new, and create memories that you will cherish forever. If you’re planning a group outing, whether it be a long-time group of friends, sports organization, band or other youth group activities, you’ve found the perfect destination at Escape Virtuality.

Our unique escape rooms such as Runaway Train, Ghost Collector, or Mission: Galaxy Rescue offer collaborative challenges that are the perfect group activities.

Each of these activities has a unique story to tell and can be thrilling and rewarding team activities. Book your adventure with us! Call 212.300.1075.

We cater to you

Travel itineraries leave a lot to be desired. The planes run late and landmark destinations aren’t always open to visitors. But Escape Virtuality has flexible hours. Whether you’re running late or need to get started early our staff is here for you.

Call our friendly staff and let us help you get started. Call 212.300.1075 now!