Do New York City Passes include Escape Virtuality?

Yes! Welcome to our Virtual Worlds. 

What does my New York Pass Get Me?

New York pass holders get a choice of 3 different virtual reality experiences per pass holder in store.

How can we make a reservation? 

Head to our Home Page! Please visit our website and find the NYP Portal, this is where you can book your tickets.

Which activities can we choose from?

Everything is listed on our website through the NY Pass portal. You will be able to choose up to three special NY Pass experiences. All of our Free-Roam Backpack games, Escape Rooms and VR Escape Games can be upgraded on-line or in person!

Are we able to use the passes for a family escape room? And if so, how do we book? 

A NY Pass does not include Escape Rooms, but you can upgrade for $40 per person. Talk to our staff!

How much are the upgraded games ?

In store, if you see something you like that is not included in your pass, you are able to buy an experience or upgrade to a 1 hour all access VR Pass. The fees vary depending on the add-on that you would like $10-$55. Check out our website for the activities you would like to add that are not included in your pass. We do recommend upgrading to a 1 hour pass and/or an Escape Room to experience all of what Escape Virtuality offers.

Do we have to make reservations for those? 

We recommend reservations in advance to guarantee you and your group a spot. We do welcome walk-ins, but please be prepared to wait for the next available opening.

What kind of games are the upgraded games? 

Our Free Roam VR Experience is a one of a kind adventure that must be seen to be believed.

How much time should we plan for on our visit to Escape Virtuality? 

New York Passes entitle pass holders to 3 VR experiences. Each experience should take 5-15 minutes depending on the experience. The visit will take 30-60 minutes. 

Do you have to indicate which simulators or games I want to enter in advance or on the web?

No! When you arrive, our helpful staff will guide you through the process of setting up your experience, and showing you to the games that are best for you! 

Do I have to indicate which simulators or games I want to enter?

You can choose when you arrive. 

Do I need to reserve?

Yes! We strongly recommend reservations to all of our clients. New York Passes must book directly from the home page of the website. Upon making a reservation you select a time slot, provide the number of your New York pass, and place a credit card to reserve the slot. Your credit card does not get charged as long as you show up with a valid pass.

How long does it take?

You can expect your experience to last between 30-60 minutes

How do i contact escape virtuality?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of calls, we request you to book on-line as we do not offer phone support for New York Pass customers. If you have any issues or require rebooking assistance, we recommend you send us an e-mail to Please provide your booking number, pass number and what your request is. We typically respond within a couple of hours.