Escape Virtuality offers 50% discount for all Schools in New York City

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Special Seasonal Announcement

New York City— 11/25/2019 — Today, effective immediately Escape Virtuality is offering a special seasonal rate for all schools and educational institutions. This includes public, private, and parochial schools, as well as student groups and other academic organizations are eligible to take advantage of this special offer.

“This is not only a great opportunity for the students, but also for us as a company. We want to work closely with schools and work towards spreading awareness of the potential of VR technology,” said Jeff Baum, Managing Director. This offer gives a chance to students to experience the technology for themselves & delve into the world of VR. “The best school trips involve a mix of learning, interactivity, and fun,” Baum added.

This special offer is only available to school groups who plan their trip before the end of 2019 and is the perfect end of the year field trip idea. Interested parties looking to book their school field trip to New York City should contact 212.300.1075 to reserve their slots.

Escape rooms for kids

The Escape rooms allow children to engage in complex problem solving while developing their team-building skills. There are three escape rooms to choose from including Runaway Subway Train, Mission: Galaxy Quest and Ghost Collector.

Each of these rooms utilizes holographs and real-life props to simulate certain scenarios. Runaway Subway Train, for example, utilizes a real New York City Subway car. In that scenario, students have an hour to work together to solve the puzzle and stop the train. Complex problem-solving scenarios such as these can sharpen student’s minds and can lead to higher test-taking and interpersonal skills.

Student groups welcomed

Escape Virtuality offers student group discounts for smaller groupings. Perfect for band, sports teams, and academic clubs. “If your student organization is running out of school field trip ideas, this is the perfect opportunity to do something different, educational, and fun,” said Baum.

Perfect for all ages

Escape Virtuality is New York’s first choice for virtual reality. Our virtual reality experiences and escape rooms can accommodate children as young as six and up. Older students can take advantage of everything Escape Virtuality has to offer and is a great idea for high school field trips.

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Call us at 212.300.1075 for packages customized according to what you want for your students!

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