Escape Room NYC

Three Exciting Experiences in New York City

Mission: Galaxy Quest

Team up, strategize and sabotage with your teammates to save the future of humanity.

Runaway Subway Train

The Subway is out of control and about to crash! Work together and escape before time runs out.

Ghost Collector

The ghosts are about to take Manhattan. Work together to keep them confined before they escape.

2-16 players Δ 60-Minute Time Limit Δ 70% Success Rate Δ Stunning Lighting and Sound Effects

Experience the Largest Escape Room in New York City

Are you ready to lead humanity to a new age amongst the stars? From your command center, you direct the colonization of planet Dreon. When a routine transport carrying a shipment of Cellenium disappears – you fear a rival colony has stolen this valuable resource for themselves. Before you can recover your shipment, an ancient evil from space known only as Vulad launches an attack intending to destroy both human colonies and seize the Cellenium for himself.

Without that Cellenium, your colony will not be able to power its weapons or defense systems. It’s up to you to take command of a ship and rescue the transport before either the other colony or Vulad get to it first. Humanity’s future in space is at stake. Will you answer the call and rescue the planet?

Indoor Corporate Team-Building Activities

Mission: Galaxy Rescue is a high-stakes adventure escape room that will challenge your wits and your mind. Work together or play mind games against your other party members. Intrigue and subterfuge are necessary if you want to save your colony from the ultimate evil. Featuring interactive lighting, futuristic sound effects.

Looking for team building activities in NYC? Escape Virtuality’s proprietary technology will give you the most intense escape room experience yet!

2-8 players Δ 60-Minute Time Limit Δ 65% Success Rate Δ Realistic Moving Subway Car

Visit New York City’s Exclusive Escape Room

Just another day on your regular commute, or so you and your friends thought, but this train has other plans. Now, you’ve got only 60 minutes to stop this train from crashing and killing everyone on board in a fiery explosion of twisted metal.

Stopping this train requires sharp critical thinking skills and staying calm under pressure. Teamwork is critical. You’ll have to work together across multiple train cars and solve puzzles if you want a chance to save this train.

Think you have what it takes? Board Manhattan’s Runaway Subway Train and put your skills to the ultimate test.

Team-Building Activities in NYC

Runaway Subway Train is a fully immersive escape room experience. Full motion simulation with complete interaction gives the player the feeling of being on an out-of-control train. This escape room also has full video and audio production that will create the ultimate thrill ride, the sound of your heart racing will be 100% real. Reserve your seat on New York’s Most Popular Runaway Subway Train today.

2-8 players Δ 60-minute Time Limit Δ 78% Success Rate Δ Realistic Jump Scares

Interactive Escape Rooms Team-Building  in Manhattan

Tormented souls are terrorizing New York. One man, known as the ghost collector, has trapped them in their own personal belongings. You can visit the collector in his séance room and see these ghosts for yourself.

However, the only way to view these ghosts is to release them from the containment. Once the ghosts escape it’s up to you and your friends to discover each ghost’s unique item to trap them for all eternity

Each ghost has a tale to tell. Discover a secret history of murder, betrayal, and death. The clock is ticking and with only 60 minutes to midnight, can you trap the ghosts and save the city? Or will these spirits rise again to terrorize New York?

New York’s Supernatural Escape Room Experience

Ghost collector is more than just an escape room, it’s a haunting! Holographic illusions provide a haunting realism for each ghost. Full motion projection will have you questioning your sense of reality. This supernatural, chilling escape room provides thrills and scares, unlike any other program and is perfect for indoor corporate team building activities.