Christmas discount for families at Escape Virtuality!

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Christmas time is family time! And what better place to bring your family for Christmas than to Escape Virtuality. Take advantage of fabulous Christmas deals and let your family discover our many unique escape rooms. Escape Virtuality not only offers fun for the whole family, but we also offer space to host your own Christmas parties! Time is running out. Book your reservation today!

Christmas deals for 2019!

If you’ve wanted to visit Escape Virtuality all year, now is the time. If you book your family for an exciting escape room visit you can save 20% off the price. This is our special Christmas offer for you. If you’re the last-minute Christmas shopper, don’t wait another second! There are only a few days left before Christmas, and other families are lining up to take advantage of this special offer, so don’t wait until the last possible minute.

Christmas Escape rooms are the perfect family fun

Right now you might be asking yourself, “What the heck is an escape room, and why would my family want to do that?” Escape rooms are puzzles that you and your family work to solve together. Each one offers a unique and realistic scenario. Traditionally, you have an hour to solve the puzzle and you are locked in the room until either you solve it, or the time limit expires. What better way to bond with your family than to work under pressure to solve clues and puzzles?

Right now, we’re offering a 20% discount to families who book a private escape room! Call us today at 212.300.1075 to reserve your escape room!

You won’t find this level of immersive escape rooms anywhere else in New York City. Can you stop the Runaway Subway Train? This realistic escape room is designed to look like a real subway car. You and your family will be running from one end to the other in a bid to stop it.

Or maybe you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, who wants a little Spooktacular adventure to go with the holiday cheer. Then why not try out Ghost Collector. You’ll be trying to stop ghosts from escaping and conquering New York City. To prevent this poltergeist take over you’ll have to match a unique item with a cast of ghosts and spirits.

Or travel to the stars and battle an ancient alien evil in Mission: Galaxy Quest. This puzzle is perfect for large family gatherings. You’ll be split into teams and try to save the galaxy and save your space colony.

You can try one escape room or try them all. Each one is a fun, exciting, and memorable way to spend the holiday! Lock in your family discount now and reserve your spot.

Rooms for your Christmas Party

If you’ve got a big family you want to invite for Christmas, but have a small home or apartment, let Escape Virtuality offer you our big room rentals. We have all the space that you need to host your Christmas Party. You can even set up for a Christmas potluck and gift exchange. Don’t have time to cook? No worries! We have a full menu that you can order from to feed your entire family.

You can even book an escape room visit as the perfect gift for your whole family. You’ll bond and maybe even learn something about each other. In addition to our unique escape rooms, we also offer a full-service VR arcade and rock climbing wall. You’ll discover fun for all ages as there is something for everyone to do. One thing is for sure, this will be the most memorable Christmas your family has ever had! Christmas 2019 is almost here and you can lock in your special 20% and have an escape room all to yourself! Book today by calling 212.300.1075.

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