New York City’s

Exclusive Entertainment Complex

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Immersive Escape

Choose your adventure! Ride a runaway train, save the galaxy, or stop ghosts from terrorizing the streets of NYC.

Virtual Reality
Escape Games

Put on the computerized MSI VR backpack, the HTC Vive Headset and escape your way out of a virtual maze!

Virtual Reality

Take your VR experience to the next level. Our Kat Walk and Xtrematic platforms enhance that experience of traditional VR.

and Events

Let’s get this party started! Bring your whole crew and push the boundaries of reality itself!

Break the Bonds of Reality

Get ready to experience it for yourself. Escape Virtuality offers New York’s most exhilarating VR experiences and Escape Room. Go beyond the headsets into a whole new virtual world.

New York City’s exclusive entertainment complex offering Virtual Reality Experiences and Immersive Escape Rooms!

Our enhanced VR platforms will put you behind the wheel, on the ledge, and in the jungle of the most realistic VR games. While our Immersive Escape Rooms will challenge your capability to think under pressure when the subway train is about to crash, the ghosts are about to escape, or the galaxy is on the verge of destruction!

Perfect for Groups and Solo Outings