New York City’s

Exclusive Entertainment Complex



Immersive Production Quality Escape Rooms

Take a ride of your life on a runaway subway, chase ghosts, and compete with your friends in space with many surprises along the way…

Mission: Galaxy Rescue

Immersive Escape Room

Your species is in a race with an opposing species to colonize the distant planet, “Dreon” that has valuable, life-sustaining, natural resources.

Your master control center has lost communications with the transport ship that was on an urgent mission to deliver the valuable mineral Cellenium to your mining colony that is located on Dreon. Cellenium is a power source that will provide their colony with the needed energy to power their defense shield protecting them from the opposing colony that is also looking to gain control of the planet’s resources. At the same time, there is an evil, alien being known as Vulad that intends to eliminate both colonies and steel the valuable mineral Cellenium and take over Dreon. 

It is now your mission to take the rescue pod and locate your missing transport ship then do what it takes to complete the mission to deliver the cargo Cellenium to your mining colony before the opposing colony or Vulad attacks. 

Runaway Subway Train

Interactive & Full-Motion Escape Room

You and your friends have boarded a subway train and now you find yourself divided between 2 cars and the train is running out of control. You and your friends now have less than 60 minutes to team up and figure out how to stop the runaway train before it reaches the end of the line and crashes.

This motion simulated train is a true test of your ability to think under pressure.

Ghost Collector

Immersive Escape Room

The history of New York is filled with mystery, murder and disasters. One person known only as the Ghost Collector, made it his mission to stop the ghosts that terrorized the streets of NY. He devised a way to capture and contain malevolent spirits by locating specific personal objects they were connected to.

Now you and your friends can come to the Ghost Collectors séance room and see for yourself the ghosts that have been collected. However, the only way to view them is to temporarily release them from their containment chamber and then you will have less than 60 minutes to locate their personal items again and perform the correct ritual to return them to containment before they are released permanently to terrorize the people of NY once again.

Goblin’s Quest : The Uprising

VR Escape Game | 2-6 players

Turn yourself and your friends into Goblins in this first of it’s kind VR Escape Room!

The Goblin king has imprisoned you, and you must work together with your allies to escape his wrath. You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm of Virea in your quest to rise up against the king.


5-Minute Escape Room | 1-2 players

The city is in danger and you need to stop a nuclear reactor from entering into a meltdown. Time is of the essence so there is no room for error. This quick escape room is housed behind glass walls so people from the street or from inside will be able to see you play. Meltdown is a skill-based game that has random hints so no two experiences are exactly alike. Can you save the city from a MELTDOWN?

VR Experiences

The Kat walk

Omni-Directional Treadmill

Play games such as Stand Out VR Battle Royale, Arizona Sunshine, Bullet Sorrow VR, and many more on one our 4 KAT Walk omni-directional treadmills.



Virtual Reality Simulator Extreme-Machine

Over 30 games and films to experience with our 2 Xtrematic Machines. From downhill skiing to an adventurous ride through a dino park, we’re sure to have an extreme experience everyone will enjoy.


Augmented Reality

Interactive Rock Climbing Wall

This active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get a great physical exercise.

Even the audience is easily captivated by the games. People often spontaneously participate by cheering and shouting instructions.



Full-Motion Car Racing & Rollercoaster

Feel every bump, rumble strip, and gear shift. Experience the g-force acceleration, braking and high turns that add incredible immersion to your racing and flight experience.


Chatfield Penitentiary


Trapped within Chatfield Penitentiary, wind and weave your way through a short horror-filled experience that will have your heart pounding.




Insanitarium is a bloody and terrifying virtual reality haunt that will test the limits of your sanity. You’ll be walking through a mental institution where you’ve ended up and fellow patients and creatures lurk the shadows.


Escape Virtuality is New York City’s Exclusive Entertainment Complex for Escape and Virtual Reality Entertainment

Escape Virtuality offers exclusive experiences that you are encouraged to come see for yourself. Our brand new facility will offer something for all ages and makes an excellent way to spend time with your work colleagues, friends and family.

We are NYC’s first and only virtual reality escape room experience where you and your teammates are transported to a totally different world where you have to solve escape room puzzles and riddles in order to be able to complete your mission in an hour.

We have two state-of-the-art motion racing simulators which allow you to get behind the wheel of your favorite car and race it on many iconic race tracks and feel the car move based on your inputs. This is as close as you can get to a race track experience without having to go out buy a Ferrari yourself.

We have four multi-directional treadmills which allow you to walk in place while moving your VR character throughout the map. They can be used to play multiplayer games so that you and your friends will be able to fight the bad guys together!



VR | Escape | 1 Player
view teaser | BOOK ONLINE

Geist Manor: Playtime

You’ve been knocked out, but you awaken inside what seems to be a little girl’s play room. A lot of things seem to be just a little… off. You suddenly hear a girl’s voice say “Mommy says we can only play ’til midnight.” Playtime has begun.

VR | Escape | 1 Player
view teaser | BOOK ONLINE

Subject X: Abduction

You are suddenly abducted by a seemingly infinitely large spaceship. Blinded by the light, you awaken to the sound of a robotic voice and realize you are simply a test subject that will soon be dissected.

VR | Escape | 1 Player
view teaser | BOOK ONLINE

Lost Legends: The Pharaoh’s Tomb

You’re woken up trapped in a rocky tomb. You suddenly hear the trembling voice of the temple’s keeper. He is merciful in giving you time to leave his sacred chambers, but his patience wears thin.

VR | Escape | 2-6 Players
view teaser | BOOK ONLINE

Goblin’s Quest: The Uprising

Turn yourself and your friends into Goblins in this first of it’s kind VR Escape Room!

The Goblin king has imprisoned you, and you must work together with your allies to escape his wrath. You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm of Virea in your quest to rise up against the king.

VR | Shooter | 1-4 Player

AI Mayhem

You and your crew have somehow ended up in space! Fight through swarms of robo baddies and take down the megabot in your quest for survival.

A sci-fi shooter for quick multiplayer battle in outer space with a variety of weapons and power-ups in zero gravity. Compete with other and other groups in this collaborative arcade style games for score supremacy.

VR | Escape | 2 Player
view teaser | BOOK ONLINE

Ward 9: The Experiment

Through a series of mind-bending tests, you and your partner must travel through the ward and work with each other to make sense of the “experiments” you’ll be undergoing. Society expects you to be just sane enough to accept you. Can you and your partner prove your capabilities?

Looking for A Career?

Escape Virtuality is now looking for exciting energetic staff members to fill associate positions and assist with day to day operations of the facility. Excellent customer service skills are a must.

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